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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fred Jarmon Passes

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Fred Jarmon died this week after a tough battle with a liver disease. Fred was one of the best and most talented musicians I have ever known. His loss is a huge one for his friends, family and the music community.
Vaya con Dios amigo!


Anonymous Cheri Milam Roman said...

My dear friend, Fred Jarmon, was one of the most talented musicians I've ever known and he influenced my life and my music in many positive ways. I always told Fred that Joni Mitchell's song, For Free, reminded me of him, because he was just as talented as the best players in Nashville or anywhere in the world, but if you were fortunate to be his friend, he'd play for you for free in his little studio apartment in Corpus Christi, Texas or in your own back yard. I'll miss you, dear friend. I'm not ready to say good-bye. Rest in peace. Cheri Milam Roman, Austin, Texas

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen Fred play for years... and when my Mom passed we could think of nobody better to play a song in her memory. He played "tears in heaven" and he did so beautifully. We invited him to the wakr afterward.. he accepted and brought his guitar... we all gathered in the backyard and he stayed and played for us for a few hours.. all of us singing along and shouting requests.. there was much laughter. it was exactly what my Mother would have wanted... and I think on Fred could have made it that way. Thank you Sir.. rest in peace.

John M Hazlett
Corpus Christi, Texas

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Jeff DeVillez said...

Fred called me his "recording teacher",but I remember him best as a friend who shared most of my beliefs and philosophies.He was a consummate guitarist and very good pianist and mandolinist.Fred was one of the best musicians I have ever known in my 45+ years of recording.
We worked on several projects together.He will be missed and his passing is a huge loss for the Corpus Christi music community.
Only those of us involved in music know the magnitude.
I spoke with him around the 25th of October and told him I would get my new CD to him in Lockhart.That was not to be.I missed it by a week.Rest in Peace Fred.You helped a lot of people and now it's time to rest.

Jeff DeVillez-Corpus Christi

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Brian (BC) Cummings said...

My wife and I are still in shock to learn of Fred's passing. He was a muse! I had the pleasure of playing electric bass with Fred in several different bands in Port A and Corpus Christi including the Fred Jarmon Band. My wife and I moved from the coast but Fred & I had plans to play and record more music together down the road. He was a best friend and an amazing guitarist, bassist, producer, songwriter and singer. He wouldn't use a pick and was a master at finger picking. His album "All Over the Map" is fantastic. I have a copy, that he gave me to learn his original songs. It is often this way in the music business. Fred had the God given talent and the work ethic but the success eluded him like so many other talented players. I was thinking that he might be jamming with Jimi and Lennon. Rave on, play on, Dear Friend. Debbie and I will always remember you and your music.

Brian (BC) & Debbie Cummings

8:45 AM  

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