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Friday, May 26, 2006

Pic: Dicky at Bayfest 80's something!

There's A New "Hoss" In Town

The following is an email from a friend of mine who recently started up an online radio station dedicated to playing primarily local musicians. What a great idea! I am on a number of sides playing there as well as two cuts from the new CD Fred Jarmon and I have just completed dedicated to saving our traditional beach access and the environment.

Hey Dicky,
Your new song "Don't Close the Beach" is now available for your fans to download for just $1.50 on get to it, people just need to go to and
click the link to the site's store and then visit the "download Mp3" section. (For the next week or so at least, the link directly to your song will be on the main page.) The store also, of course, has two other songs from you: Room to Move and Laguna Madre Blues.Tell anyone who wants to support local beaches to head to the site and support you, the song, and the cause! (They'll also be supporting all the other independent Corpus Christi music that plays on my site.)
See you, Hoss
P.S. -- Don't forget that your fans can also VOTE for the song on the
site, too. It's among the most popular songs in the voting so far this


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